(must be 18 years or older to attend)
As actors we need to constantly work to hone our craft. We do this by either taking classes, or performing in a show or working on a film. But what do we do to stay sharp when there are down times? And let's face it. We all come across those in this business. But committing to an 8 week course or spending hundreds of dollars for a class just will not work for you right now. Wish there was an affordable acting workshop where you could work with skilled actors, instructors and was flexible enough for your schedule. Now there is.

Join veteran actor Ken Arnold as he conducts a workshop every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm. Workshop size is limited. RSVP to info@studio-boh.com to reserve a seat.

Only $25 per workshop. You can work on a monologue, a scene or an upcoming role. You can practice your auditioning techniques. You can have questions about the business answered and discussed in a relaxed actor friendly forum. And you do not have to attend every week. You attend when you can make it to the workshop.

Reserve Your Seat Now

Don't let your acting skills erode. Like an athlete's muscles, they will deteriorate if you don't use them. Come out and flex those acting muscles and keep sharp for that upcoming audition or role.

When: 7pm to 9pm every other Tuesday
Where: Columbia Arts Center, 6100 Foreland GarthColumbia, MD